Lessons learnt in 2016

For the last year I have worked as a team lead at Platform45. The team consisted of seven developers and one designer. We produced bespoke web applications using a Ruby on Rails stack. My job was to optimise the team (read scrum master) and to make sure they do billable work (read product owner). Here […]

Fix your budget, not your scope

Many software projects take on the form of a transaction between vendor and customer. A transaction is an exchange of value. The vendor supplies software to the customer that solves some problem (scope), costs a certain amount (budget), by some date (schedule). The customer (hopefully) pays the vendor. In any exchange of value, there exists […]

Three evolutionary stages of thinking about how we make software

Sarah Mei gave a keynote called “Factory, Workshop, Stage” at Rubyfuza this year. I loved it. She spoke about the conceptual models we use to explain the hard problems in making software. These hard problems are not about hardware, design patterns or vim versus emacs. The hard problems are about people, of course. Sarah argues that our models of thinking about the […]