I love post-rock


I love post-rock. What is post-rock? Look at this excellent answer from Quora by Carlos Narziss. Here’s a few main points (as highlighted by Carlos):

  • Post-rock can simply be defined as patient, unconventional use of rock instruments (especially guitar, bass, and drums), often complimented with non-rock instruments such as violins and cellos.
  • What sets post-rock apart is a certain patience to how the instruments are used. The music gradually builds up, “delaying gratification with a certain patient repetitiveness and some occasionally wandering”. Eventually this will intensify and climax, followed by a shorter relaxation.
  • There are no vocals (with a few minor exceptions).

Here are some pieces that are representative of the genre in a general sense:

I also subscribe to farpastpost, an all-post-rock radio station. My preference is the more energetic variety of post-rock, such as 65daysofstatic, Russian Circles, And So I Watch You from Afar and Baulta (you can download both their albums for free – consider supporting them, they deserve it). Although not everyone’s cup of tea, I also love a small Japanese band that goes by the name of . Just watch the video below to see a bit of their energy.